One-on-One Coaching

The pressures of present-day business demand an efficient approach to learning whilst at the same time requiring utmost effectiveness. Not just ‘value for money’ is important here, but also ‘value for time invested’. Whether the need is for support to produce and deliver the presentation that your career depends on, an objective discussion and analysis of specific business issues, or preparation for career development and promotion, expert help is available.

Since English has become the international language of business, the ability to converse and express ideas using advanced and sophisticated linguistic structures is paramount in the career of aspiring professionals. But there is seldom time for busy managers to attend conventional language courses. With an individually structured learning programme, focused on the specific industry and professional needs of the learner, it is possible to deliver real value immediately by together preparing actual company presentations or documentation under the expert guidance of a native-speaker with over 40 years experience of communicating at the highest levels of industry and government.

For guidance on hours, fees and availability, just e-mail me for a confidential offer.