Individual Tutoring for Students

Modern education seldom focuses on the needs of the individual and yet we all have different learning styles and rhythms that sometimes don’t match up with the way the material is delivered. If you find yourself struggling to understand certain business or marketing subjects where you have to take an exam or deliver an assignment, then help is at hand. Remember, it’s most likely not your fault that you’re having trouble keeping up.

A short pre-session interview will usually determine your individual needs and then a personalized study programme can be created, with full tutor support, to present and practice the key concepts and address the blockages and barriers to comprehension. Depending on those needs, a couple of 2-hour sessions may be enough to clarify the issues or maybe ongoing contact is needed throughout the preparation period up to the exam or the delivery. As the light begins to dawn and the subject comes into focus, instead of being a trial, learning becomes a pleasurable voyage of shared discovery.

Don’t expect to have everything done for you though. In particular I’m not in the business of writing assignments on your behalf. The output will be yours, along with the satisfaction of a job well completed. And along the way, you’ll have learnt, not just the subject, but also valuable tips on how to learn and prepare similar tasks in the future.

Suitable applicants for individual tuition are usually studying in their final year at High School, attending a full-time Bachelors or Masters programme at University, or working and undertaking a part-time Distance Learning course. Call or e-mail for guidance on hours, fees and the Business and Marketing subjects available.