Why are vital training areas such Effective Presentations called ‘soft skills’’? Having seen senior managers reduced to quivering wrecks at the idea of standing up in front of a group of their peers and talking about what they know best, for many this is a ‘tough skill’ to master, especially since career advancement is often dependent upon it. Click here for help with this, plus other essential skills such as Principled Negotiating, Marketing for Non-Marketers and Cross-cultural Awareness.

We all like to learn… but mostly we hate to be taught… In conventional mass education, the motivation gets lost and parts of the jigsaw are missed. Individual Tutoring for students and One-on-one Coaching for Managers will help to make best use of the available time when preparing for Presentations or Exams. Don’t waste time creating structures and formats, when all that is really needed is to apply proven, professional techniques to deliver the information.

This is where we can get to know each other! Apart from Contact Information, you’ll also find short Video-Bytes dealing with key communication techniques, a Photo-Gallery of important moments, some Participant Feedback and encouraging and positive comments that have been made about my training over the past years.

Participant Feedback

Excellent experience, full of useful & practical tools for dealing with customers- Customer Care – Trencin, Slovakia, December 2014
This was a great experience and I would recommend it- Presentation Skills – Budapest, Hungary, December 2014
Very useful training which will open a completely new look at communication, on your personal skills and give you a chance to grow and improve- Customer Value Creation – Zagreb, Croatia, March 2015
Very positive. Come with a clear mind to absorb as much info as possible- Negotiation Skills – Stavanger, Norway, March 2014
Very funny; but clever on the other hand. Useful for the service giver- Customer Care – Trencin, Slovakia, December 2014
It has definitely helped me to understand different situations better and to manage them more effectively- Customer Value Creation – Zagreb, Croatia, March 2015